Analysts reported the hack . The company denied the loss of funds

January 17 cryptocurrency platform suspended the withdrawal of funds due to “suspicious activity” on user accounts. The company assured that customers’ funds are safe, however, according to PeckShield analysts, we are talking about a hacker attack during which over $15 million was stolen.

“Several users have reported suspicious activity on their accounts, in the near future we will suspend the withdrawal of funds as our team conducts an investigation. All funds are safe,” she wrote .

After a few hours, users were asked to log in to their accounts and reset the two-factor authentication (2FA) settings.

At about 19:00 Moscow time, Chris Marshalek, CEO of the platform, said that technical specialists were conducting the last checks — the withdrawal function was restored after an hour and a half.

According to Marshalek, the downtime was about 14 hours.

The CEO stressed that customer funds were not lost, and the team took measures aimed at strengthening the infrastructure.

Nevertheless, PeckShield experts claim that hackers have withdrawn 4600 ETH from the platform (~$15.05 million at the current exchange rate). At the time of writing, there is 1.17 ETH at the address that Etherscan marked as belonging to the attacker — the remaining assets have been sent to the Tornado Cash mixer.

CertiK also reported a hack . Startup analysts claim that more than 282 users were affected during the incident — 4836 ETH (~$15.82 million) were withdrawn from their accounts.

The loss of funds was also announced by the platform’s clients. So, one of the users allegedly stole more than 17 ETH.

Earlier announced an increase in the volume of insurance coverage of users’ assets to $750 million. The program is implemented in partnership with Arch Underwriting, a member of Lloyd’s insurance market.

Recall that in January 2022, hackers withdrew $18.2 million worth of assets from the hot wallets of the sports NFT platform Lympo.