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LAToken exchange accused a “disgruntled employee” of hacking a Twitter account

In the account of the LAToken cryptocurrency exchange on Twitter, there were allegations that the project is fraudulent. Representatives of the platform reported that the account was compromised by a “disgruntled employee”.


They promote fraudulent IEOs.

They promote IEO promising growth from 100% to 500%.

They cheat and lie to the founders and employees.

They mislead the founders into thinking that they will have successful IEOs, while this will never happen.

A message on Twitter says that LAToken promotes fraudulent IEOs, deceives customers and employees:

“Stay away from LAToken. They have deceived hundreds, and possibly thousands of people, leaving them without cryptocurrencies, or they are simply incompetent.”

The hacked account referred to a page with reviews on the exchange on the Trust the Pilot platform. At the same time, the platform itself warned about the identification of a number of fake reviews.


In addition, the Twitter account of the decentralized LADEX exchange from LAToken turned out to be compromised.